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I need a thesis statement about against illegal immigration?

I'm writing a argumentative essay and i'm not sure what is the good sentence for my thesis statement that which against illegal immigration. Please anyone help me out!

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  1. torpescence says:

    Have a look on this I must say you will found a great help though this.

  2. pupidae says:

    “in my opinion immigrants have brought use some really cool things and should be welcome anytime”

  3. barbershops says:

    you need at least 3 different parts to support your argument. One could be that they take all the jobs for lower pay compared to a legal citizen, another could be crime rate, and another could be govt supporting them and not being able to afford to pay for the legal citizens. So example: Illegal immigrants should be banned and controlled from entrance to this country because of the economy, the crime rate, and government aid. Now that will be $50 ty