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Are my ACT scores good or bad?

English - 22Mathematics - 29Reading - 26Science - 27Cumulative - 26My essay hasn't been scored yet.

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  1. compassionateness says:

    Holy Crap…u got a 29 in Math…THATS AWESOME!It’s scored out of 32 you know (32 being the highest)

  2. parachrome says:

    36 is the highest. 26 is a good score, it equals 1760 on the SAT Reasoning Test. Your essay might lower or raise it a bit. Remember, there are no penalties for wrong answers on the ACT, so at least guess all of them. Also, you can choose or choose not to send each score you receive, so take it as many times as you want. This rule also applies to the SAT for the class of 2010, and younger.

  3. monopodous says:

    hell yea that’s good score! good job! can u tell me how u got such a high score?

  4. enrols says:

    Your score is relavant to which school your applying to. This will determine whether your scores are “good or bad.” If your goal is being accepted to any Ivyleague, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford, or anything of the sort, then your scores are greatly lacking. However, if your planning to apply to UCLA or some other state school lower then your scores are good.

  5. yrubnaB says:

    noooo, its scored out of a 36 guy above me. Considering i got a 34 on it. But yeah those are pretty good overall

  6. scantly says:

    Solid score very niceMe and you got the same score in Math