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Call of Duty vs Real War?

Ok, I know there are extreme differences in call of duty and real war. You don't get unlimited lives, war is mentally and physically excruciating, and using a gun is far different, but what are just a few of the similarities, if any, between the two. In a few situations in call of duty, is the terrain and environment in which you are fighting in any way similar to real life. I'm working on a college essay analyzing both and comparing and contrasting the two.

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  1. Anatherum says:

    the thing is with the game v real life, you can not FEEL, SMELL or really any of your major senses as you could in real life…………….in the game you could be told you are carrying a back pack of such and such weight in such and such heat…………no way to compare or even come close to how that actually feels doing it in real life.

  2. adelphi says:

    Woowwww, reallyy…..?

  3. Norwich says:

    The reality is they are nothing alike. I’m trying, and I can’t think of one thing that is similar. The terrain in a game is dreamed up by people who have no way of knowing what it’s like there. You have to realize that the game is done for entertainment. On the game you have missions that you most likely wouldn’t see in real life. Even in Iraq and Afghanistan, the mission mainly consists of policing and searching certain areas, and convoying back and forth for different reasons. In the game, the missions are ridiculously different than anything you would see in real life. And then there is the difference in sensory perception as well. On the game you don’t get the smells, the sights, the feelings that you would get in real life, you don’t get how if your heart rate gets above 120bpm you lose opposing motor skills and simple things like reloading your weapon are nearly impossible. The game, and the real thing are nothing alike. I don’t care what anyone says.

  4. autecology says:

    You can’t really compare that easily. Modern Warfare 2 is based off an imaginary Task Force. If I were to compare Call of Duty to real life, do research on Delta Force, DEVGRU, SAS.

  5. holozoic says:

    To be honest this game has ruined the standard of recruits not only in the U.S but the UK (Me) and even the world. This game shows firefights that wouldn’t happen in a million years. If you want to have a contact with the enemy be my guest to run and shoot at random or no scope with a sniper or throw a knife. The reason we get trained is so we don’t handle contact like that if possible its 300 meters or more.Mostly you are just going back a forwards not even with a sniff of a conflict but still you get that sense that you could be the one to step on a IED or be the one to be ambushed. so no its not the same.

  6. roquette says:

    Setting:Mountains of AfghanistanCoD would be sledding down a hill, shooting up 20 different camps, planting a demolition, and entering a secret bunker in the mountain.Real life would be rucking up the mountain with 120 lbs of gear on, doing some boring reconnaissance for 15 hours, talking to a locale village about activity. Then going back to base, you MIGHT see an enemy or get ambushed. IF you do fight them, it will be lobbing shots from 300+ meters away. It won’t be very high speed and intense. Just suspenseful because you know you could get hit.