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Help with comparitive essay: Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet?

I have to link these 2 play's together, I was thinking tragedy along these lines; They are both plays of tragedies due to the protagonist being a hero, the dismal setting, and the conclusion of despair. Is this a good idea for a thesis, I want to link the plays both by their tragedy, Im not sure how.

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    The main thing Hamlet and Ophelia and Romeo and Juliet have in common is that their lives were destroyed by their meddling parents.Hamlet and Ophelia were both untrue to themselves by being excessively obedient to their fathers. Hamlet erased himself from his own brain and wrote his father’s commandment there. Ophelia let her father tell her what to think.Please see [external link] – The Honey of His Music Vows [external link] – Remembrances in the Book of Their Brains [external link] … – An Envious Sliver [external link] … – An Honest Ghost? [external link] – Hamlet in a Nutshell