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How do i write an introduction for a comparing and contrasting essay?

im writing an essay comparing and contrasting about obama and romney but i dont know how to start my essay. can you give me an example

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  1. sporophyte says:

    Depends on how you feel about the two men that you are comparing and contrasting. Here is an example of objective reporting.Being a democrat, Mr. Obama should be concerned about the social problems in America. He should believe that his mandate is help those who do not seem to doing as well as some other Americans. He believes in social programs that do good. Being a Republican, Mr. Romney ought to believe that the social programs will take care of themselves if the economy is healthy and that each state is the better husband to the finances needed to help bring about stability than is the Federal Government.Now you can go from there to show whether each lives up to the principles each party stands for. I don’t believe that either man realy is pure Republican or pure Democrat. The world is too complicated for that.