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I am extremely worried about my grade, but my professor is too strict with grades?

This is due to my own procrastination. I procrastinated in my Macroeconomics course. I got B+ on both exams taken so far. There is one final exam (not cumulative), and if I miss more than 4 points, I will get a B instead of an A in the course. I ma majoring in Business or Econ and I'm in community college. I cannot afford a B in a major prerequisite course. The grading system is this: 180/200= 90%, which is an A. Below 180 is a B grade. My professor, however, told me if I am 2 points away from the A, I'll get the A. But he also said that's the best he can do for me. Originally, I won't get an A if I miss more than 2 points in the class, but the professor gave me some leeway and say he can grant me 2 points. The thing is, I need to understand, know, and memorize lecture notes, mock exams, and textbook readings for a chance to not lose those 4 points, bringing me down to a B grade. His exam is 30 multiple choice questions (1 pt for every correct answer) and 15 pts worth of essay questions. The exam is straight-forward for the most part, but tricky in some parts. Please give me some words of wisdom and do you think I can get the A if I work my behind off? My friend got a perfect 45/45 score on her 2nd exam. Have you ever personally gone through something like this and came out strong, with the higher grade than you anticipated? I am expecting a B grade instead of an A, because I hate having my hopes up. Note: He does not give extra credit, and he didn't mis-grade any of my work. I earned the B+ mark. I also have perfect attendance, participate, and etc. I assume the professor purposely said he will give me 2 points max because he's secretly trying to motivate me to work harder. The is winter intersession, and the short term ends in 9 days. I have 9 days to learn 4 chapters worth of material, just like everyone else. I take personal responsibility. What is the best advice you can give me?

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  1. fanaticism says:

    Here’s the best economics lesson I can give you. Don’t kill yourself for 9 days trying to get an A instead of a B if you can lock in the B for free. You’re in community college which I assume means you’re planning on going to a state school when you get your AA. I don’t know how things are in the other 49 states but I know in Florida if you have an AA then you automatically get in to any of the state schools for your Junior year. I’m not sure why you believe you can’t get a B in a major pre-requesite. It really isn’t that big of a deal to get one B. If you really really want an A then what I have to say there probably isn’t too encouraging. Economics is all about logic. It isn’t biology where you have to memorize a bunch of body parts and what not. There really isn’t that much to study for. For the most part you either get it or you don’t. If it doesn’t click for you then it’s going to take a lot of studying to catch up for those last few points. When you do take the test and you finish you should reread all the questions without looking at what you originally wrote as your answer which will help you spot instances where you’ve made mistakes.

  2. typable says:

    I do have considerable experience with this sort of thing. Study normally over the next week. Pay particular attention to chapter headings, highlighted sections, and so on. Review class notes. Ask some other class member to study with you. Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before the exam. Make sure you answer every question, and go over your answers. Do not leave the exam room early.