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My boyfriend’s psycho ex girlfriend does NOT leave him alone?

Well um, I have been seeing this guy for almost a year now, he goes to my college. Complicated part, he is my ex boyfriend's best mate and his ex girlfriend used to be my best mate, so basically we were all friends.. me and my ex broke up ages ago like after 3 years, and my current boyfriend broke up with his ex after 5 years. Problem is, his ex (code name: erm, josie?) well, josie got kicked out of our college, and now she knows that me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other.. shes giving him like 100 PLUS missed calls everyday, she starts calling his house number, she threatens him to meet her or she'll do something- and we are reali scared because she seems suicidal, shes very violent and would literally punch someones lights out. i really dont know why she is so freakily obsessed with him and i really do begin to panic because i dont want her to kill herself over him or something because she did USED to be my friend. now did i mention that they both lost their virginity to each other a long time ago, and im still a virgin, and i duno but i think thats the reason she wants to stay with him so bad, but its getting out of hand, and we reali dont know what to do, BIG essay i know but i just really had to get all this out; my boyfriend knows how upset i get over this and he is really trying to get her off his back, but shes like.. psycho! she threatens, blackmails, does everything to get her own way, he broke up with her because of the fact that she is so aggresive, she punches walls until she bleeds, damn i would really appreciate some help someone please?

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  1. ceaseless says:

    Sounds like she needs professional help.What you need to remember is that she probably feels betrayed by you as a friend and him (even though they were split up). This is likely to be the cause of the obsessive behaviour.Do you know her parent(s) as it might be a good idea to explain them that she is causing alot of upset and well is scaring the hell out of you!You may also need to consider calling the police (non-emergency) number 101. If you feel that she really is going to harm you, your boyfriend or herself it may be necessary.If you are concerned that she is suicidal have a read on this website: [external link] …

  2. iINNgsg says:

    What a psycho. If she’s calling him 100+ times and threatening him and so on he can call the police on her for harassment. Then if she says she’s gunna kill herself they can put her in a suicidal watch type place this way she can’t even if she wanted to try. But usually the ones who threaten things are the ones who would never actually do it. The quiet ones are the scary ones. Good luck!