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Why are veterans important?

I know that they are important and im not saying they arent, but i have a 500 word essay and i have some stuff down but i need some more. Why are veterans imporant?

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  1. mersey says:

    Because they stand up for everything that is right and are willing to put our life on the lines for our freedom and everything we believe in and stand for. They say about 1% of the U.S. population joins the military. Everyone just doesn’t care and doesn’t have the body or mind to do the sacrificing that all of them have done. They are what keeps the U.S. safe from foreign and domestic harm. They all have families but are still willing to do what we do to keep everyone safe. They can give vivid description of how warfare was, and can tell their stories to other people to keep new generations from making mistakes mankind has made in the past resulting in millions dying.