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How to write a story well?

These days, i find myself engaged in reading a good book, reading everytime I get a chance. I was just wondering the other day: How is it that some authors make you feel genuinely happy or angry depending on what goes on in the book? How do they write so well that you're `absorbed' into their fictional world? I was kinda hoping to emulate them so i can write better english essays, but i was wondering, how?

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  1. attemperament says:

    It’s knowing which buttons to press to make people happy or sad.Little kitten drowns in pond; everyone’s sad. Nasty bully gets punched in nose; everyone’s happy. Good authors know how to build a story, to gain empathy for a character or to make a character unlikeable. It’s simple things. If someone saves the kitten that someone is good. If the bully threw the kitten into the water he’d be bad. It can of course be far more subtle than that but you get the picture.How to make your writing more fluid?It depends on what you are trying to achieve and what you mean by fluid. Longer sentences can make a passage seem more fluid but they tend to lose immediacy. Cutting right down on unneccessary words is probably the best way to achieve fluidity. Cut out the adverbs and cut down the adjectives and a passage will flow better. Ed.

  2. underskirt says:

    When ever I read a book or story I want my audience to feel that they are in the scenes. I want them to feel that they can touch the characters if they tried. I focus on what my peer group says about the story and how it made them feel either good or bad I want the feedback. Just write how you feel put as much detail into the emotion as possible. Don’t use these big phrases or words to make your point. Plus what helps is to let your writing “cool off”. Which means write and then leave it alone for a while and come back to your work and reread it. that helps.

  3. apidae says:

    I think it’s because they put all of their emotions into it, they really get involved in the story. I don’t know, I may be wrong. I think everyone’s different

  4. protozoacidal says:

    Grammar is one of the most important keys: words mean things and the way they are connected conveys the ideas in a very specific way. Read “Eats, Shoots and Leaves.” Another key is to show us things about the character in a way that we related to (okay, in a way to which we relate). What I think a lot of people forget is that we write to an audience, each member of which brings his or her own values, experiences and expectations to the party. Knowing this and writing to it successfully is what makes the book a winner.