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I need to write an essay on this question..”Should nations outlaw war as inhumane?”..help?

I just need some help getting started. I am not good with writing essays and need a little help to get going.

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  1. patola says:

    One thing you should find out about when writing about this topic is the Kellog-Briand Pact, a treaty in the 1920s that attempted to outlaw war. It didn’t work, of course, but anyone writing about this subject needs to know what the treaty was, how it proposed to abolish war, and why it didn’t work.

  2. gymabal says:

    You can’t outlaw war because how would you enforce that law? If a country decided to go to war how would you stop them? If you used force to stop them from going to war you would be breaking your own law.

  3. unparalleledness says:

    well it is inhumane but there no way to outlaw it, if one person kills another revenge will be seeked and so on and so forth, its human nature to want to kill each other

  4. fIEvent says:

    Nations! Outlaw war and pledge not use warfare as a tool of political will.