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Need help with thesis statement for essay?

I'm writing a paper about how people should have access to whatever information they want and that books should never be banned, as it should be a person's choice as to whether or not they want to access that information. I'm struggling with my thesis, as it can't be a three point thesis since it's an analytical essay and three point thesis is all i know how to do. Can somebody please help? Is this a bad thesis statement "Information is what allows people to not only grow as individuals, but also as a community." ? Tips, suggestions, anything would really help!Thanks!

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  1. tnioppa says:

    I’m glad! Let me know if you have any other problems.Essays are hard to write because most people get taught TOO many things! Report Abuse

  2. pressruns says:

    I’m sorry that you’re struggling. The good news is that you already have your thesis. You actually have two different possibilities. Here’s the first:People should have access to whatever information they want.You might want to rephrase it a little, but that’s the main idea of your essay.The stuff about books being banned, etc. belongs in the body of the paper.The rest of your paper might focus on REASONS people should have access to information or ways that information is BENEFICIAL. As for the “thesis” you put forth toward the end of your question in quotes, that TOO could be a thesis. If you were to use it, then your essay would focus on ways that people grow as a result of information.If that doesn’t help, contact me. I’ll be away from the computer for a while today, but I’ll check in as soon as I can.