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Star wars, a myth?

Im doing a persuasive essay on if star wars is a myth or not, i just need help on ways star wars is a myth, like how is it a myth?answers are really appreciated.

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  1. tragopans says:

    cus its not real! duh!

  2. brachyglossal says:

    in a universe with unknown limits, well, i wouldn’t be surprised, actually.

  3. prick't says:

    It was a myth…now turning into reality

  4. seesawiness says:

    Take aspects of Star Wars and compare them to aspects of myths to draw conclusions.Is there a noble and just hero?Yes, Luke Skywalker. Because there is a stereotypical hero, it is a myth.Try [external link] … for help with characteristics, scroll down to characteristics of myth. Hope that helps.

  5. groundably says:

    Only in a galaxy far, far away….the definition of a myth is a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people Star wars is fiction – written by a modern writer as a story for pure entertainment value.