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University – Failed first year?

So I'm in a little bit of a dilemma.. Basically I have had quite a few family problems this year which means my attendance hasn't been the best at Uni. Although I have passed all my essays, my tutor said that my poor attendance will most likely result in me not passing the first year...However, I would like to change my course to a different (similar) course as the one I am taking now isn't of my best interest. The Advice and Guidance place at my Uni told me to speak to my tutor as he is head of department and can help me change... but what do I say? Does he have the authority to refuse a transfer because of my attendance? Also, would it be worth finishing this year (which will most likely be a waste as it is almost certainty that I will fail) or leave, get experience and start afresh in September? Thanks!

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  1. corinet says:

    yes they will refuse they will not accept any excuse they are retarts

  2. amphicytula says:

    Explain everything — that you had a lot of family problems that prevented your regular attendance, and that you realize you’re more interested in a different program.Show lots of enthusiasm for continuing your studies (in the new field), and a lot of regret over having missed so much — let him SEE these emotions in you.If you act like it doesn’t matter that you didn’t show up, or that you don’t really care, he has no motive to help you stay in school.If you seem as though you’ll be an asset as a student in the future, he’ll want to keep you.

  3. Maghrib says:

    Normally there is a “drop date” at most universities, where you can drop or transfer to another class, and not be penalized. Sometimes it’s called a “Withdrawal” deadline.Since universities CHARGE YOU for classes taken, they will not give you a refund for class if you miss the “drop or withdrawal” deadline. They will give partial refund, or not charge you again, if you just transfer to another class.It’s always better to take a W (withdraw) on your transcripts than an “F” do to academic failure or lack of attendance, because a W doesn’t figure into your final GPA grade.I’m thinking that since it’s already end of March, you have blown this semester, and cannot take another class, or repeat class until either Summer or Fall Semester.Always listen to your advisers, that’s what they get paid to do, tell you like it is.In future, do not waste time and money sitting in classes that you cannot complete or pass.If you cannot make classes at least 90 percent of time, don’t go to college, as “Attendance” counts as high as test or essay scores, unless you are taking on-line classes, or doing research or some project that doesn’t require daily attendance (like a Practicum).Good luck deciding what you want to do with rest of life…. just remember you cannot play the game unless you are willing to show up and put in the time, like everyone else.

  4. rednual says:

    Honestly it depends I would just hope for the best and prepare for he worst