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5 paragraph essay topic help: best villain?

I have to do a 5 paragraph essay in English. Im in 9th grade english and this is a stupid topic in my opinion. The topic is "Who or what is the best villain and what makes them the best villain". This could be any sort of villain from tv or movies or whatever. Keep in mind that i must persuade/inform the reader why they are the best villain. Please include reasons with idea.

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  1. cychong says:

    I really like the essay question, so you’ll probably think I’m crazy. You can write about ANY villain, so you didn’t even have to read anything in order to prepare to write! Woo hoo! You could choose Sue Sylvester from Glee, Ron Artest/Metta World Peace, or The Joker from The Dark Knight. Snape? OR you could select a really original one, like Facebook, the thief who villainously steals the free time of so many highschoolers. I just read that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character was listed as one of the top villains AND one of the top heroes in movies. Wow!

  2. unwomb says:

    The Joker-Plays with peoples emotions-gets people to do what he wants by planting a corrupt idea in there heads-plans are very devious he thinks of every single possibility of what could happen before hands-If he gets caught he always has a back door ready at his disposal-Has no purpose but to cause humanity pain and suffering