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Appeal college decision? (University of Pittsburgh)?

I just received a rejection letter from the University of Pittsburgh, the only school I applied to. I am taking four AP courses and one honors. I have scored a 2020 on the SATs (710 reading, 690 writing, 620 math) and have a 3.96 GPA. I wrote an essay and sent two letters of recommendation. I, my teachers, and my guidance counselor are all completely disturbed because I didn't get in and we are frantically trying to come up with something for me to take to the admissions office in an attempt to appeal the decision. I have appointment with the admissions office on Tuesday. Anyone who has any experience with appealing a decision, please give me advice! I would like to know:Do you think they will actually reconsider me?What should I say to them/write for them?Why didn't I get in? It's Pitt for chrissake not freaking Harvard!

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  1. Garrya says:

    Listen, they didn’t reject you because you were under-qualified, they rejected you because you were overqualified. The same thing happened to my friend. Pitt isn’t that great of a school and with your GPA and scores you should have applied to a lot better schools. Schools don’t admit students who are way overqualified for their admissions because they figure they won’t attend anyway and they want to keep their acceptance rate down (by only accepting students they think will actually go there). The real question is, why did you only apply to one school and why didn’t you apply to better schools? You are clearly smart enough to go to a much better college, there are other ones in Pittsburgh like Carnegie Mellon that would have been a better fit for you. They shouldn’t repeal the decision because they made the right one and you just made a huge mistake in your college applications. Its too late now and you’ll have to take a year off and do something productive so you can get into a better school next year. Its so sad that you didn’t get better guidance/advice on this, you should have applied to at least 5-10 schools. Good luck.