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I need a introduction for my paragraph should be sorta easy. description below. please help.?

okay so the essay is about school food. my three subtopics are# 1 school portions are too small and not filling enough# 2 most childhood obeasity is at home and less food is not going to help, to lose weight you need exersice.# 3 school food isnt even healthy, its still the normal food, just ALOT less, give us some healthy filling options.please help me.i just dont quite have my "thinking cap" on. lol

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  1. slumpproof says:

    Teachers and parents are always saying how students do better if they are full of food-but if food is being chopped into smaller portions what then? How can we concentrate in the afternoon if we are still hungry? We cant. Some are worried that we are eating too much-but obesity comes from home too not just from school. Cutting food isn’t always the way to make people lose weight- exercising is a really bg and more healthier way to lose weight. Plus some school luncheonette any healthier its just normal food just cut up too small. Giving school students healthier food would be better than cutting it off or making it smaller.hope this helps :) and if you just ment you had to only choose one of the topics then change some of the parts in the paragraph.

  2. atmolyzer says:

    hmmm. As a student at ———, i am concerned about the food program. Kids at our age are growing, and we need our food. School lunches just aren’t fiilling enough. Most kids have to eat SO AND SO, and when they get home, the over eat. Making the portions bigger will keep them from doing that and there really is no point in having them small because you dont want the students to get fat. Also, you advertise that school food is so healthy, all it is, is frozen food warmed up, no healthier than food we get from home. ETC.hope i helped ;)

  3. Eumolpus says:

    This schools idea of a healthy lunch is much like that on ‘Little Britain’. Let’s just cut it in half. What they appear to be forgetting is that the food still contains the same ‘junk’ as it did before, quantity over quality is their motto, but the quantity is shrinking whereas the quality is stuck in the same, cheap and nasty pit as it started off in. Where is the salad bar?

  4. tribeship says:

    I cannot give you the Intro, no matter what, but i can give help. You should start with something like (not on same topic) “Guinea Pig’s are the greatest pets you can get. For one reason, they are a very cuddly pet (don’t go any further than that, it gives away too much) Not only are they cuddly, but they have such a long life. Even though they have all of those qualities, the greatest quality they have is that they are loving.” Those basic statements can really help with your paper, for the conclusion, do something like that, somewhat long, but not really short. I HOPE YOU GET A GOOD GRADE ON YOUR PAPER!

  5. pillager says:

    Im not really good with intro paragraphs but I use thi guideline alot:Attention GetterBackroundThesis

  6. teinder says:

    NOT QUITE SURE WHAT YOU ARE ASKING BUT ILL TRY AND HELP!**************************************…1.In my opinion i think school portions are to small not not filling enough, i know plenty of kids who eat right after they get out of school because they are still hungary, i think they should serve a little more food but food that is a lot more healthy.2.I agree that most childhood obesity is at home and less food is not going to help, kids do need exercise i don’t think kids get the right exercise that they need. Parents need to give there children healthier food and stop letting them snack more during the day. 3.To me school food isn’t even that healthy, Its normal food but a lot less, i think they should give us more healthy food that will fill us up but at the same time give our body the proteins it needs.=)

  7. unsystematically says:

    Hmm. Maybe something like Students are working all day, and only have one break in their entire day – lunch. In this time, children should be fed healthy and nutritious meals. Instead they are having to choose between greasy pizza and tasteless hamburgers. It would do so much better if they could choose between fruit salads and Grilled chicken sandwiches. There would not be much of a price difference, and most students wouldn’t mind charging a little extra for something MUCH better, healthier, and tastier.————————————–…That was just the beginning paragraph. i hope you can use at least SOME of it.and i did the third topic. have fun with your essay :D

  8. teakwood says:

    The amount of food a child gets these days for his or her lunch for their $4.00 does not seem to add up to the amount they used to get in the past. It seems that the world has a way of saving way by ripping off the people they think will least expect it – children.

  9. unexchangeableness says:

    lol, thats like soooooo funny.