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Is scoring a 1310 on the SAT test good?

My score was like 430 read 470 math 410 writingI know I can do better in two or all so it can be the scores I show to the colleges..Is this score good or bad how it is now? I mean I scored a 8 on the essay and idk if I can score that high on it. Can I keep the 8 and improve my other scores?

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  1. minaret says:

    Not gonna lie, a 1310 is a relatively bad score. Colleges like it more if you are well-rounded. Just because you scored higher on the essay doesn’t mean that it can make up for your bad score.You NEED to improve. Besides, colleges like it when they see that your scores go up, because all that means is that you are improving.

  2. braiders says:

    It’s pretty bad. The nationwide average is around a 1500, and most people on here can at least get above that. You cannot simply keep your 8 on the essay and juxtapose it onto other tests. Now you can take any of the three individual sections from various test dates and combine them into one super score if the colleges that you’re applying to allow this, but not all colleges do, so be cognizant of that.

  3. outlands says:

    hahaha no thats like seriously bad. you should take an SAT course.