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Are there any Jazz Fans out there whom wouldn’t mind answering 9 questions for me?

I have an Interview essay due tomorrow and I need some questions answered!1. When do you remember first hearing jazz?2. What do you like most about jazz?3. What does Jazz mean to you?4. Who are your favorite jazz musicians? Why?5. What are your favorite jazz recordings? Why?6. Are there places you go to listen to Jazz live? Where?7. Do you have a favorite story or memory about jazz you can tell me?8. Are there jazz musicians in this town or from this area that you admire?9. Have you ever danced to jazz? Tell me about it?

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  1. sojkowsk says:

    1. When do you remember first hearing jazz? – When I first heard it was probably in a movie or something. The first time I know for sure I heard it and knew what it was was when I was in fourth grade and heard my high school jazz band.2. What do you like most about jazz? – Everything. If I had to highlight one thing, it would probably be the ways chord changes go in jazz. It’s so much more interesting than other kinds of music. And to hear skilled improvisers play over these changes is just amazing. Jazz is one of the most expressive kinds of music. When you listen classic players you can hear so much in their playing and learn a lot about yourself.3. What does Jazz mean to you? Jazz means everything. When I don’t have jazz I’m just not the same person. I’ve gone through phases this past year in college when I haven’t had time or made the mistake of not dedicating enough time to just sitting down and listening. When I find time to sit down and listen again it’s just so great.4. Who are your favorite jazz musicians? Why? My favourite is Dexter Gordon. Naturally my favourites are tenor saxophone players since that’s what I play, but I know and like plenty of other musicians. I absolutely love Dexter’s sound. The improvisational ideas he has are also amazing. Second favourite is probably Johnny Griffin. He’s such a skilled technical player, and his solos remain extremely melodic while he rips through sixteenth notes. Don’t get me wrong, I also like Trane, Parker, and other classic saxophonists, but Gordon and Griffin really connect to me. For trumpeters I’d say Lee Morgan and Donald Byrd, Pianists would probably be Erroll Garner and Sonny Clark, Trombone Curtis Fuller, Drummer Art Blakey.5. What are your favorite jazz recordings? Why? Johnny Griffin’s “Introducing Johnny Griffin” is absolutely amazing. It’s a great recording with classic tracks and he’s absolutely smoking on it. Another favourite is Sonny’s Crib with Coltrane, Clark, Byrd, Fuller and some others. The way the solos build on every song is just mind-blowing. Excellent chemistry in that lineup. Another favourite is Davis’s Kind of Blue. Purely classic album.6. Are there places you go to listen to Jazz live? Where? Not on a regular basis. Most of the good live jazz you’ll find is going to be in big cities and I don’t really live near one. Another problem is I’m only 18 and a lot of clubs you need to be 21 for. I did have the pleasure of going to the famous Ronnie Scott’s jazz club while in London and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Seeing live jazz is definitely something I’ll look forward to in the future.7. Do you have a favorite story or memory about jazz you can tell me? It would probably be when I listened to a Miles Davis jazz album just as I was getting into jazz (can’t remember what it was but it wasn’t Kind of Blue). There was this alto saxophone solo and I thought it sounded like garbage. Years later I dug up the album and put it on and I understood what he was doing so much better. That’s another I love about jazz to. There’s always more to hear in a song. Other than that I would say my favourite memory was Ronnie Scott’s.8. Are there jazz musicians in this town or from this area that you admire? Uhhh I don’t know where you live so this is kind of tough for me to answer- sorry9. Have you ever danced to jazz? Tell me about it? I’m not a huge dancer and the time I saw live jazz was in a club setting. I have witnessed dancing to jazz and I admire it. At a performance at the Hatch Shell in Boston I saw a man get completely taken over by the music. It was quite a spectacle. I hope that fulfils your assignment. Thank you for posting this. It was really a pleasure to answer.