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Need to do a macbeth essay, and need some help.?

i'm doing like apearence and reality on macbeth, and i have some ideas like:like some supernatural stuff• the witches' appearing and disappearing • Banquo's ghost • the apparitions Things and places not being what they seem• Macbeth's castle which Duncan thinks pleasant • the dagger which Macbeth sees before killing Duncan • the voices he hears before and after the murder • Macbeth's telling the murderers that Banquo is their enemy • Lady Macbeth's imagining that her hands are bloody • Birnam Wood's coming to Dunsinane People who are not what they seem • the former Thane of Cawdor • Macbeth • Lady Macbeth as hostess • Malcolm, when he pretends to be evil • the messengers Macbeth has sent to ask Malcolm to return to Scotland i don't know how to start my introduction to it?

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  1. nobly says:

    It sounds like you have done a lot of thinking already, so that helps a lot. The best thing I can tell you, is that when I feel blocked at the point when it is time to start writing, what I do is to make myself stop worrying about how good it is. I make myself write everything I can think of, no matter how dull or stupid it sounds to me. Write as much as possible, every little thing that is even slightly related. Keep reminding yourself that you can always clean it up later. Try writing down everything you would say out loud if you were asking your parent for help, and had to explain the project and your ideas first so they knew how to help. So you might start your brainstorming writing by saying like “This is about the differences between appearances and reality in MacBeth. It will use supernatural events, as well as people and places that were not what they seemed.” These are really plain sentences, and you will end up completely throwing them out for the finished paper. Then keep going, explaining it really simply. But somewhere in your brainstorming, you will have the makings of a good polished introduction. And then you can take the simple ideas you have written down, and combine them in more complex ways so that your paper will be properly sophisticated to get a good grade.I hope that helps. Good luck.