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URGENT can u write an essay on the following topics in spanish?

it shud be in past perfect tense.1. What i did in the summer vacations2. My trip to ---------it shud be 90-95 words long. and the vocabulary shud be very very simple.im in 8th std and a beginner in spanish so it shud be very very simple language.please ..i really need it.

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  1. rhinopharyngeal says:

    no I won’t do your homework for you; how would you would if someone is doing it for you?

  2. supratemporal says:

    Sure I can!But that doesn’t mean I’ll do it for you, does it?

  3. pity says:

    obviously you cant…………Try english instead shud? (should)

  4. Irredentist says:

    There are many websites which will allow you free translations. Search ‘English to spanish translation’ and you will get loads of results. Type your simple sentences and you get instant results. One such source is [external link] ; actually there are many who do simple translations in seconds for you.Please visit the BBC home page and other sites on net for learning Spanish [external link] … In future please don’t embarass yourself on the Net. It’s your homework and only you should do it. Spanish is easy and beautiful and rewarding too. Take it seriouly. The internet offers lots of opportunities to do things that we should not do. Don’t jump to the bait. You are a child and this age is the best for learning. Learn well and don’t look for short-cuts. Good luck!