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3 Similarities between Frederick Douglass and Sojourner truth?

So I have read both narratives for summer and I need to right an essay about similarities between them. I require 3 similarities (I already have one) accompanied by quotes to go with them. I am having difficulty finding what I need. To anyone who can answer this, please don't write everything, all I ask is for something both characters share with a quote from each book. Anything else would be greatly appreciated but I just need something to work with. (in fact any answer would be appreciated)

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  1. tatarek says:

    1. They were both black.2. They were both slaves.3. They are both dead.Honestly, this is something you need to find on your own. This is your summer reading assignment. If you read both books carefully, you’d be able to conclude numerous similarities between them. We are here to assist and guide you in your homework questions, but we cannot simply do them for you. It is up to you to go into the books and pull out these quotes and use evidence.

  2. XEROX's says:

    Hi, try to use this website, there are many useful tips and examples…good luck!