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How to finish reading the most boring book?

I was supposed to read 1984 over summer but never did because I didn't feel like it. Well the teacher made me start reading the book in class today and it is the most boring book in the world, and it makes no sense at all, I was seriously falling alseep. I have to finish all the essays and everything by the 12th. Well how am I supposed to do that with a book that is like just plain retarted?

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  1. Hippuris says:

    You might try watching the film version, there was one made a few years ago, it is probably available on DVD or download or something.

  2. uncarried says:

    Coles notes. P.S. Trust me, I know how you feel! When I had to read The Giver I was sure I was going to shoot myself. -.-

  3. proletarianize says:

    Go onto a website and look up the problems which happen in the book and try and summarise it as best as you can.

  4. serration says:

    look up a plot summary online for it. grade saver.com is a good one

  5. deb says:

    Sorry you find 1984 boring, but If it were really “retarded,” your teacher wouldn’t be pushing you to read it. It’s a significant novel, by the author of Animal Farm, published in 1949–thirty-five years before time that it takes place. It foresaw a totalitarian, mind-controlling society, and if things hadn’t really become that way by the year 1984, maybe Orwell just expected them to develop faster than they have. He probably also didn’t expect it to be read by high school students, but if you’ve had civics by now, you should be able to compare the conditions described in the novel with the conditions that you’ve been taught should prevail in a free society.So much for the sermon. If you have just a little over a week to read it, I suggest that you first read a summary* and then set yourself a certain number of pages (maybe thirty) to get through each day and reward yourself whe you complete each segment. You might also check whether your library has it one tape, and play yourself to sleep with it at night. With luck, it will get more interesting as you go on. And when you’ve finished, you’ll be glad you read it.*Like one of these: [external link]

  6. menurae says:

    1st of all you haven’t read the most boring book until you have read The Dialogs of Plato. To stay awake during your reading get highlighters and tabs to mark things that keeps you active and as for the actual reading plan to read so many pages per day and read them. No matter what.

  7. snarlingly says:

    Whenever I have to finish a book that I find boring I look up the summary online. Then when I know the key plot points I attempt to read the book. For school, I really think you should read the book. Look up sparknotes and it’ll help you understand, but I really think you have to read the book. You miss so much if you don’t. Give yourself set goals for how far you want to get each day and try to keep up with it. I found 1984 hard to get into but after a while I really started to enjoy it. You may find it boring, but I think that you’ll see that some of the story and the society are pretty interesting.

  8. joyce's says:

    How are you supposed to do that? Three things. Get over it, suck it up, and read it.Sparknotes is lame. It’s for cheaters who are too lazy to put the work in.

  9. rebatable says:

    Don’t cheat. Pretend you are getting a thousand bars of chocolate if you stick to the book.

  10. thorsen says:

    nope, i can’t help you. i thought it was a very exciting book.

  11. mlbizer says:

    Well noone can help you if you really believe this was a “retarded book”, I´m afraid ;)

  12. filauri says:

    Get Cliff Notes or if possible watch the movie.

  13. pinproof says:

    If its really that boring, read it at night to help you fall asleep. At least you’ll be reading it and maybe something will sink into your head as it hits the pillow.lol.I do have some suggested reading though for after you’re you’re done with 1984. Its called Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Its also in movie form too. But read the book first. Its better that way.”Fahrenheit 451-the temperature at which book paper catches fire and starts to burn”….A classic novel of censorship and defiance.

  14. achaeta says:

    Emawee, sadly there are even much more boring books you will have to read later don’t get me started (Heart of Darkness, yuck). For some reason teachers think this stuff is good and we should read it. Just go to a book store and buy some Spark Notes so you can read it faster.

  15. foursome says:

    I managed to get through it in high school by going to my local library and getting the book on tape. Listening to it ment that I could do something I enjoyed as long as I paid enough attention to what was going on in the story.As far as the boring factor, it really doesn’t get much better. Best of luck to you.

  16. padraic says:

    Well, for starters there is a movie. It might help you understand the plot more so that reading it goes more easily once you know the general idea. There is also a sparknotes for this book, I find that if I don’t understand what I just read sparknotes helps me get a more clear image of the scene and helps me finish the book. Still, 1984 is actually a really good book. It even has a love story in there, kinda, I would reccomend actually reading it. It’s one of those that everyone should have read when they die! :)

  17. tindent says: