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What’s a good opener for this essay?

I'm writing an essay about how the role of adults should be to guide, protect, educate and model behavior and values for children.

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  1. dissuasiveness says:

    Every generation in recorded history has complained that “the younger generation” or “today’s kids” are such bad examples of what young people should be. If this were really true, why has progress continued in the world on all fronts? I do not have the answer for that question–I have another question. If the youngsters are really so bad, whose fault is that? Isn’t it the role of adults to guide, protect, educate and model behavior and values for children? Has someone been failing to do their job? If so, how do we account for the remarkable progress that has been made, especially in this century, in countries around the world?

  2. Cepheid says:

    u start by saying , the definition of the issue,

  3. steri says:

    “It’s our future to shape”

  4. rettirf says:

    Although the role of the parent in the domestic situation has changed with time, the parenting responsibilities have not. The parents direct responsibility to protect and care for their children has expanded. The duties of the parent now include providing guidance, educating children to the hazards of the world, establishing models for behavior and teaching family and moral values.Try that and see if it fits your game plan for your essay…Dr. Tommy Skelton

  5. relieving says:

    Good “openers” are known as hooks. Here are some options:1.)Begin with a quotation. Just make sure you explain its relevance2.)Begin with a question3.) Begin with an acknowledgement of an opinion opposite to the one you plan to take4.)Begin with a very short narrative or anecdote that has a direct bearing on your paper5.)Begin with an interesting fact6.)Begin with a definition or explanation of a term relevant to your paper7.)Begin with irony or paradox8.) Begin with an analogy. Make sure it’s original but not too far-fetched***MAKE SURE YOUR SENTENCE (THE THESIS) IS A SENTENCE THAT COVERS ALL MAIN POINTS OF THE BODY PARAGRAPHS***

  6. Anapterygota says:

    Family roles are the recurrent patterns of behavior by which individuals fulfill family functions and needs (Epstein, N. B. Bishop, D., Ryan, C., Miller, & Keitner, G. (1993) Individual members of families occupy certain roles such as child, sibling, grandchild. Along with roles come certain social and family expectations for how those roles should be fulfilled. For example, parents are expected to teach, discipline, and provide for their children. And children are expected to cooperate and respect their parents. As family members age, they take on additional roles, such as becoming a spouse, parent, or grandparent. A person’s role is always expanding or changing, depending upon his or her age and family stage.