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Do I have a shot at any of these schools(all Northeast)?

I'm afraid I won't get accepted because of my grades, I have changed since then and have actually started trying at school.I have a 2.65 GPA, 1470 on SAT's I'm in a few honors classes and was mostly in all advanced throughout high school. I played football and wrestled and I am currently trying to get a job. My College Essay was one of the best my teacher has seen, as he said.Here are the schools, do I stand a legitimate chance at any of them?Umass AmherstBridgewater StateCurryUmass DartmouthDeanJohnson and WalesUniversity of South New HampshireWestfield StateIf worse comes to worse I could always go to a community college, get my GPA up and transfer. But I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

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  1. loadave says:

    U Mass yes not familiar with the other school but if similar to the U Mass then yes.Is your score Critical Reading and Math or all 3?If its all the 3 sections then i doubt you will be accepted, if it just Math and Reading then yes.

  2. sonorescence says:

    You’ll have a difficult time getting into most of them, but statistically you stand a very good chance of getting accepted to at least one of them. Perhaps your college essay will save you, hopefully. Did you have your teachers or counselors write you letters of recommendation?