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Why should the legal age for piercings NOT be raised?

Idk about everywhere else but here in Canada it's 16 w/ parental consent (I know, it's technically any age with consent but for the sake of my essay, I'm just going to go with what it says xD). The question, should we raise it to 18 and I say we shouldn't.Here are the reasons I have:- not really doing anything bad (like drugs etc)- people will do it regardless so there's no point- it's the decision of the person who's body it is- form of self-expression & it looks good (in their opinion which is all that matters)Any other reasons and stuff or things I could use to expand on the ones I have? I'd appreciate any ideas at all :)Thanks in advance :D

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  1. rndalen says:

    I like the self expression one, that’s the best pointthen there’s also the fact that piercings are no immediate trouble(I’m not talking tacky piercings I mean things like ear piercings)The people will do it regardless isn’t a very good point, I’d remove that one(since well…parent consent isn’t exactly rebellion)

  2. Juga says:

    in mexico most girls get their ears pirced a few hours after they’re born.right at the hospital.

  3. enlargingly says:

    I agree with you.There’s really no point in raising the age to get piercings, it’s not a per say wrong thing to do, you’re just putting holes in your body. Honestly, it’s really their own personal choice and they think it’s cool or pretty or whatever, so why not? I’m not a big fan of piercings or anything, but I just don’t see the point why you would raise the age, piercings aren’t causing car accidents, deaths, or other tragedies.

  4. candidness says:

    If a sixteen year old is allowd to have sex with men of any age legally I don’t think that getting your ears pierced at 16 isn’t much of a problem.