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I need an essay on why Odysseus was a hero.?

The first thing we need to understand about Greek heroes is what they are. A Greek hero, in general, was a great warrior who fought and died on the battle field. Achilles is the "perfect" Greek hero. The only value of a hero is in achieving glory and being a good guest/host as the case may be. Odysseus, unlike this description, was a hero who had no pride, and was wise as well as strong and courageous. There are many reasons Odysseus was a hero. But its your homework, I won't do it for you. Just wanted to give a few pointers about Greek heroes.

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  1. Offenbach says:

    So write one.

  2. controversionalism says:

    In my course on Greek myth they taught us that “hero” had a different meaning. A character doesn’t even have to be virtuous to be a “hero.” It was more a matter of willpower to overcome obstacles, to be inspirational, which is what the Odyssey was all about.

  3. underived says:

    well, for one thing, he figured out how the greeks could capture troy and thus end the trojan war.

  4. setargv says:

    Gee, funny how that works. I don’t need such an essay.I guess you’d better get busy.