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Tips for writing a critical literary essay?

Hey, I'm not very good at writing literature essays and want some tips to writing a good/decent one?And especially on poetry analysis essays where you must compare/contrast two or more essays. Those are difficult :(

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  1. perceivability says:

    i find literature and poetry analysis essays quite easy, but i have lots of friends like u, who just don’t know what to write. i tend to write impulsively. i read the poem a few times, try to look for different meanings behind the words, and write whatever comes to mind. just write what u think the poem means, and expand on that. look for points to support ur thoughts, and keep re-reading it to look for points u might of missed. many times, i’d be writing the analysis, and while re-reading to find examples, would find another meaning behind the words, and that gets me started on a whole new track, just because i interpreted the poem differently. hope that helps:)