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I have homework questions?

I'm doing an essay for my college english class and i have questions about the ocean.How does the ocean sound like?How does the ocean feel like when you touche it?How does the ocean smell like?I know the questions are kind of stupid but i really whant to see your answers?thank you 9 minutes ago

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  1. mccomb says:

    Sound: Roaring, a din of waves and sea gullsFeel: wet, unless you got seaweed on your fingers.. then its slimySmell: salty and fish-y

  2. manyfold says:

    What do think…? sound?like the crumbling thousands of peices of paper syncronized. feel?wet smell?salt + fish + urine = GROSS SMELL

  3. chedley says:

    The busy ocean waves crashing against the cliffs, sounds like the millions of people appluading in the distance. When it’s quiet, like little waves spreading their arms across a flat shore, it sounds like a mother quietly sushing her baby to sleep.When you touch the osean, it feels like the cold physiacly grabs your ankles suddenly, then gradualy lets go. When you stand right in front of a wave with opened toed shoes, when the wave comes and lightly comes in cvontact with your toe, it feels like a dog’s wet, cold nose sniffing your feet.The ocean smells salty. Duh. To make it more complex, I guess you could say it smells like a patato chip that was placed in a pickle jar, and then before it got soggy, someone put it out in a hot desert sun for a while to bake.Hope these help! :-)