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British imperialism in India essay help?

the prompt is:Compare [and contrast] the political, economic, and social credits and debits on the British rule in India.So the first body paragraph has to be on the positives and the second body paragraph has to be on the negatives. Also, here is our outline:Addresses Prompt:Evidence Credit- Political: Economic: Social:Evidence Debits- Political: Economic: Social:Was the British rule in India better for the natives or worse? Defend your answer.Thank you so much to any input that you have! If all you know/have is about one of the categories, that is still fantastic! :)

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  1. glumal says:

    Better:PROSModernization- Railroads, schools”Civilization” (doing away with suttee) infrastructure CONSPrejudice and racism against even learned indiansI believe there was a famine at some point and that it was attributed to the BritishThe whole “It wasn’t their country” argumentexploitationI think based on these things that it had both negative and positive effects on the natives. I do not think it was wholly bad, as is the tendency to think in this politically correct day and age