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What is a good essay subject?

Any ideas?

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  1. dishelm says:

    Zombie apocalypseHow dinosaurs are awesomeTwilight vs. DraculaEdward vs. Edward scissorhands who would winHow to kill an annoying personETC

  2. bonczek says:

    Obviously, you want an interesting topic, but try to choose one that’s unique. If only your class is doing this, think of something interesting no one in your class will do. If batch-wide, think of something no one in the batch will do. If school-wide… well, you get the point. Write about something out of this world.The best topics when you’re given free rein, in my opinion, are debatable topics. Choose a “thesis statement”, as in something you want to prove. You’ll probably have to do research, but it’s worth an amazing essay. Alternatively, you might want to choose something you care about. A moving and/or passionate essay is always great. And boy, if you have all these elements in one essay…Some topics I’ve found interesting are:- Should Pluto have been demoted from planet-hood?- Does Islam protect or persecute Muslim women?- Do the benefits of technology outweigh its negative consequences?*variant: Is our generation / Are people today getting too dependent on technology?- Do you believe in the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?”- Should priests be allowed to marry?- (narrate a personal experience centered on something you really care about)There’s a whole lot of stuff out there to write about. If you have a hard time choosing, spin the bottle. Good luck!*A quick search generates these sites: [external link] … [external link] … [external link]

  3. suprahumanity says:

    Anything under the sun that catches people’s interest. Remember your readers, their interests, and how well you know the topic.

  4. personed says:

    Which subject are you talking about. What makes you cross

  5. diamidogen says:

    Chuck norris

  6. byungyon says:

    Why educated people behave like an illiterate people.