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How should i break down this essay question?

what should i include in each of my paragraphs?What is the attitude of the author toward slavery? Does he support slavery as a necessary part of the society of the mid-1800s in America? Write an essay illustrating your answer. Be sure to use specific examples to support your point of view. For example, how did Huck treat the slaves he met in the story?

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  1. Dugan says:

    This might give you some ideas. I believe you should create your thesis statement based on the fact that Twain does not support slavery but understands the necessity of incorporating this into the story and using Huck’s perspective on it. Many readers misinterpret racist remarks by characters in the novel as reflections of Twain’s own beliefs supporting slavery. These claims, though, can be easily repudiated by some of Twain’s comparisons between whites and blacks made outside of Huck Finn; for instance when he said, “One of my theories is that the hearts of men are all alike, all over the world, whatever their skin complexion may be”. This brings into question the reason for Twain’s frequent use of the word “******”, not to mention the exceedingly racist views harbored by most characters. It is true that the book is peppered with racist stereotypes, lewd remarks belittling blacks, and the use of the word “******” over 200 times, but it is all part of the irony. Twain wrote this book not only to challenge the system of slavery, but also to do so with the most effective of literary devices: the truth. Huck Finn is not racist: It is a profound social statement on the inhumanity of slavery and of every individual’s born right to freedom. [external link] …