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Can anyone give me suggestions on which computer I should get?

I am a teenager and I really want a new computer so I can give this one to my parents and use the computer when I want. My dad is a programmer so he uses the computer a lot. My mom is a writer so she types a lot on our desktop. My dad's old computer broke. This one works perfectly fine, in very good condition but I need a new computer. I am very good at saving money plus I already have a lot saved up now. I want an hp desktop. I don't want a laptop because I am not impressed with them for many reasons. I want a hp because that is what this computer that I am typing is and it's worked fine. I work on reports and essays. I would like a fast computer too but I don't want a flashy desktop like the Touchsmart. I am not saying it's not good but it's a lot more than I need. This is something how my old computer looks like [external link] …Can you give me any suggestions. I have read reviews and I have look on consumer reports too. Please don't give me any website to go to because I just want some suggestions. I know a lot about computers even though I don't seem like I do.Thanks!

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  1. innet says:

    i suggest an Emachine, get it from bestbuy and tell geeksquad that u want them to max out the ram with a high performance type.i bought an emachine for about 300 dollars a few years ago brand new and it was so slow and will freeze and then i discovered that all emachines come with money saving cheap low performance ram. and i did the switch and was a big improvement.

  2. wirrasthru says:

    I personally do not advocate ANY prebuilt computer companies such as Dell or HP.They are difficult to upgradeUsually do not come with the softwareAnd sometimes even have power supplies that are too small for the computer they are put in.I have always found that building my own computer has been the better buy in every way.

  3. unempt says:

    I can only tell you what not to buy and that is a DELL.Terrible service ,cheap parts and also don’t get Windows Vista ! hard to use and is being replaced with windows 7.

  4. kunou's says:

    try intel prosser with 4 gb ram