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Moira reads a 900-word essay in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. In words per second, what is her reading rate?

10.) Moira reads a 900-word essay in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. In words per second, what is her reading rate?12.) A jar contains 21 jellybeans and 8 pieces are green. If Kahlil takes a bean at random and eats it and Mary does the same, what is the probability that both pieces are green?13.) If m < (rad 53) < m + 1, then what integer m satisfies this inequality?16.) If the area of two circles differ by 40(pie) square inches and their radii differ by 4 inches, what is the length of the radius of the larger circle?

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    what grade are you in?3 min 45 seconds is what? 3*60 + 45 or 225900/225 = 4 words per second12. kahil’s piece is 8/21 and Mary’s is 7/20 (given that kalil’s is green)so 8/21 * 7/20 is 56 / 420 or 8/60 or 2/1513. not sure what rad is? radian? 16. area = pie r