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Does anyone know where i can get my essay checked for free?

I want to do well in this class. I don't want to wait for the teacher to correct it. I want to perfect it first. any help?

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  1. drafting says:

    Send it to me. Just let me know when you need it by.

  2. countywide says:

    You could always ask your friends or family to read it over for you before the teacher does?

  3. LAVONNA says:

    I just used [external link] basically you make sure your essay is in word and send it to them then they return it within like 3 minutes with notes on the side, it was useful for me. However if your intentionally trying t be passive make sure to unclick the box that says report passive voice. Otherwise you will get a lot of errors that are not real errors. I hope that makes sence. Anyway good luck.