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Public school or homeschool?

I'm in 8th grade right now and homeschooled. When I reach 9th grade I want to be public schooled. What are the pros and cons of both? I have WAY better grades than most public schoolers, is that because I'm smart? Or is public school very hard? Sample of my school week: 50-100 pages of ancient literature such as socrates and such. 3 page report 4 paragraph essays. 2 or 3 tests or quizzes. study latin wrods and translate 20-30 sentences. read a module of marine biology and do 5 or so experiments, 1 is usually disection, an algebra lesson a day, a few maps, 15 history identification, 40 pages of history reading. A sonnet in some form of meter witha certian rhyme scheme and usually is iambic, some random history assignment that usually takes an hour to 3 hours, my logic class with a quiz a week and a chapter a week also, some form i have to fill out about my readings, my tests are usually 3-10 pages long, 10 vocabulary words, 30 questions about the book, 2 discussions paired with essays

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  1. etherizing says:

    ok well im in public school. the pros for it is you ahave friends, you get a teacher’s help for homework and you get like gym of art or computers. the pros for home school are that you get to learn a lot faster than normal school kids and you can start when every you want. the cons about public school is that you can get bullied by students and the teachers. and the food could also suck. the cons about home school is you dont have as many friends and you dont have electives at home. either way it just depends on what you want.

  2. outthanked says:

    Besides all the pros and cons already listed. You NEED public school just to learn the social skills you cannot get by only being at home. Not just social skills with other kids your own age, but also with teachers, administrators, and as you get older, you need to learn about being a senior, and participating in all the school activities and extracurricular, not just sports, but all activites that you cannot get at home.You’ll make friends, it doesn’t matter if your smarter than everyone else. That’s why you go to public school, so you can have friends on every academic, social, and economic level, not just friends like you.

  3. diathermize says:


  4. statutes says:

    I understand that you want to try out public school. There is something to having that experience. Just be aware of all the pressures you will get from your schoolmates. Be smart (street smart) and chose your friends wisely. You sound like a smart kid. Don’t let others influence you and set you on the wrong path. Stay your course. Hang out with the smart kids. Don’t lose the knowledge and intelligence that you’ve gained so far. I would say 9th grade and on are the hardest, physically and mentally, on a school kid.All the best to you!