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Historical signifiance of hockey….USA and Soviet Union?

I have to write an essay about an important US sports club/team that has significance in US history/culture from the point of view of another country. Right now I want to go with hockey because of the 1980 "miracle on ice." I have limited knowledge of the history of hockey, but I know from watching it a lot that there are soooo many Russian players in the NHL. I was thinking maybe it would be interesting to write about how the US and USSR had the Cold War and how now they're all meshed together in the NHL.Is there enough historical significance behind hockey to write about this?Also, does anyone know any good books/websites I can read to learn more about this?

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  1. fivebar says:

    IMO I think that game won the US the cold war. If you think about the time, Nixon had recently stepped down as Prez, Vietnam was still fresh in peoples minds, the USSR had just gone into Afganistan, the US was losing the cold war badly and people were having doubts about our country. Then you add in that the USSR hockey team was the greatest ever, and the US had a bunch of college kids it made the upset even greater. Canada had a better hockey rivalry with Russia, but the miracle was about more than hockey, it was about communism vs freedom and the win in the game gave Americans hope, and led up to the fall of the USSR.

  2. circination says:

    Actually, Canada had a better rivalry with the Soviets. There was the Summit Series, the Canada Cup fiasco, right up to the current rivalry (which really isn’t much compared to those days). From what I understand, the 1980 game was just one game, and that rivalry wasn’t as intense. But, hey, wikipedia it, maybe there will be more info.

  3. poderia says:

    they didnt really “mesh” in the NHL the players for russia played for just russia, not for both russia and in the NHLsame thing goes for the US players

  4. tophe says:

    Today I literally finished writing a 10 page paper on it. Some good books are Boys of Winter, Encyclopedia of the Winter Olympics, Cold War, Dark Horses and Underdogs . Some good movies are Miracle and Do you believe in Miracles?. I used a lot of websites so if you type it in on google can find them. Hope it helps!