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Is it rude to always put answers to voting?

I'm becoming quickly tired of yahoo answers. I've been answering questions for the past week and I've quickly jumped up to level 3 with about 50% best answers. But only maybe two or three people have actually chose my answers as the best, the rest people allowed to put to a vote by default. So after spending 15 minutes answering a question on say Greek history and women, even after putting into about three paragraphs filled with links and references, even after asking people for feedback and their opinions, I find the vast majority don't leave a note! So why should I bother answering questions on yahoo answers? Why would anyone use this site when it's filled with 15 year old illiterate kids trying their best to avoid homework? And worst of all, why do people answer questions that are devoid of 'please', 'thank you' and 'appreciative' and instead simply demand someone write an essay on whatever topic they want?

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  1. night says:

    Okay, first of all, not ALL people on Yahoo Answers are 15 year old illiterate kids. Only some people. There are always people out there like that. Chill.There are decent people on YA also. So just keep on doing what your doing and you can still help just don’t answer questions regarding homework.

  2. exhortation's says:

    YES especially when there are only a couple off answers,it is not as if there are 20+ answers that you have to pick out of,i have only asked a couple of questions but i have always said thanks in the question and answer. But such is life

  3. glycerose says:

    In certain categories, the majority of the people DO choose a BA. In others, they don’t. I understand what you’re saying! I think they should either get a point for choosing a BA, or lose a point (or 2) for not choosing.You’re really doing well. Maybe another category would be more fun and interesting to you. There are a lot of sub-categories, and sub-categories within those! Check them out! This is supposed to be fulfilling AND fun!To answer your main question, YES! Good luck to you! :)

  4. brew says:

    To answer or not to answer is purely choice. Choose your topics very carefully and answer only the questions that appeal to you. If you make your answers too long, people tend to tune out. Give a short answer and a link and move on. For the kids out there who are trying to get their homework done for them, just know that if somebody does answer their homework question, they still have to pass the test.