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I need help with a thesis for my essay on the great depression. 10 pts !?

I am trying to say that the great depression was good for America, as we look back at it today. I also need help with sub topics.This is what i have as a very rough thesis:While many would consider the great depression the worst time in American History, it shaped the United States into the strong, independent nation it is today.

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  1. overempired says:

    It did help America – the financial regulations it instituted created a very stable dollar which achieved worldwide usage. Risky speculation on the stockmarkets was curtailed, leading to stable currencies too.

  2. gladdon says:

    that’s a good thesis.just like even though America struggled during the Great Depression, it was an important step in forming the US we have today.. blah blah

  3. whether says:

    good but how boutWhile many would consider the great depression one of the worst periods in American history, it has shaped the U.S into a stronger and more independent nation.Idk i hope i helped