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Do you think this student would have a chance of transferring into a good university?

High GPA he graduated with = 3.3 (graduated 20th in a class of 90 students, high school had grade deflation, valedictorian graduated with a 3.7)College GPA after three semesters = 3.61 out of 4.0 (2.9 his first semester, 4.0 every semester after that).Major = BiochemistryECs = went to an honors conference and read his essay, is in honors program at his school, worked in a lab and interned at a research facility, and volunteer for red crossColleges he applied to =UGA (in state)UNC Chapel Hill VanderbiltUVAEmoryClemsonand University of Wisconsin in Madison

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  1. attorned says:

    UGA = pretty much inChapel Hill = in (average GPA for junior transfers was around 3.1 to 3.4, check on their site)Vanderbilt = 56 percent acceptance rate, I say still a reach thoughUVA = ReachEmory = Middle reachClemson = MatchUW-Madison = Match to in