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Edit my essay ten points please?

Beauty is Deceptive in the Odyssey. Sometimes beauty can be deceptive. Even though they are beautiful on the out side does not always mean they are beautiful on the inside. There is many example in the Odyssey were beauty is taken for granite. Odysseus and his crew encountered many challenges for beautiful goddess. He and his crew faced Cirres and the Sirens.Odysseus on his own had to escape from Calyspo, while he was held on her island. Beauty can be deceptive but having the will power to look the other way can be helpful. Odysseus and his crew did not have that power. They did the exact opposite. After along adventure out at sea. Odysseus and his men sail upon Aeaea. Aeaea was the home of a beautiful goddess Circes. They stumble upon a stone house. Which they were welcomed into. "On thrones she seated them and lounging chairs, while she prepared a meal of cheese and barley and amber honey mixed with her own vile pinch, to make them lose desire of thought of our sear fatherland’’ (565-569). That is when the beautiful goddess had turn the crew into swine. Odysseus being the hero comes to save the day. Circes is stunned by him and knows she much have him. She agrees to turn his men back into men if Odysseus stays with her. This could have been avoided if the crew was not blinded by her beauty, and kept there eye on there homeland. The crew and Odysseus might have made it home faster if this did not happen. It shows how powerful beautiful woman can be when the crew passes the Serins. The crew had to plug their ears with bees wax so they would not hear the woman's sounds. Odysseus had to be tired to a pole, to keep him from doing something he would regret doing."listen with care to this now and ago will arm your mind square in your ships are Sirens, crying beauty to be which mean coasting by; woe to the innocent who hears this sound" (659-663). This shows how strong there beautiful noise was. If Odysseus had not prepared for the Serins they would probably not have finished their journey. The charming sounds of theses beautiful woman made sailors crazy. They would either jump off or wreck their ship. The dreaded sounds were disguised my beautiful woman. She is beautiful and had a wonderful charm. Which casted a spell on Odysseus. Calyspo feel in love with Odysseus the minute he washed up on her island. He stayed with her for seven years, because of her power she would not let him leave. "sweet days of his lifetime were running out in anguish over his exile, for long ago the nymph has cease to please. Though he fought shy of her and her desire, he lay with her each night for she compelled him" (79-83). What this is saying is that even know Odysseus misses home and looks out to see each day, he still sleeps with her each night because of her beauty. Many men in the story Odyssey were temped my beautiful goddess. It shows how beauty can toy with your brain. All the beautiful woman only looked out for what was best for them. Calyspo did not care Odysseus had a son and wife. Circes only would turn the swine back in to men if Odysseus stayed with her. Lastly the Sirens wanted men to die. This story shows how beauty is not always a great thing. It also shows how it can be deceptive.

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