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Quantifying age-related reason for entry into medical school?

In short, here's the deal: I'm 41 and tired of sales. I've taken & passed the needed coursework/requirements for medical school but have to write essay on WHY medical school. I know not whether it's a mid-life crisis sort of deal but I'm looking at it from a life-standpoint. What "legacy" do I want to leave behind on this earth? What legacy for my wife & kids? For my community? It's difficult to bring these life-factors up in essay because I fear it'll sound too mushy or insincere. How do I word something like this without being, as mentioned, too mushy, but at the same time professional?Any mature help truly, truly appreciated.

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  1. bulletwood says:

    While it is important for older applicants such as you to address the fact that you are career changer, you don’t necessarily have to focus your essay on answering the question “why medical school.” The AMCAS instructions are very permissive when it comes to the essay, so it’s okay to think outside the box a little. For example, some of the most effective medical school essays are meaningful personal anecdotes or reflections on past experiences. Although these essays do not directly state why the applicant wants to go to medical school, they illustrate the motivations underlying that desire. The important thing is to stay away from essays that restate old cliches such as “I want to help people.” Based on your post, it doesn’t sound like you are leaning in that direction. Reflecting on issues of legacy is not a bad approach per se – just be careful to avoid cliches.As a seasoned professional, you have a lot to offer. Your wealth of real-world experience is definitely a factor in your favor. Keep in mind that the essay is really a personal marketing piece that gives you an opportunity to position your candidacy however you like. Focusing on your strengths is usually a good approach.If you would like professional assistance developing your essay, feel free to contact me through the website below. Best of luck!

  2. peirastic says:

    Schools don’t want to hear about your sales career.Just talk about long-term career goals and how you have a strong passion for helping your community.