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Chances of getting into Boston University?

I am currently entering into my senior year at Edward R. Murrow High School, which is in Brooklyn, NY.If it really matters to anyone or BU, I moved from Israel 5-6 years ago. I am white and a Male as wellI intend to major in Business/FinanceI maintain a 3.9 GPA. 94.17 out of 95 if you want to be exactI got a 590 CR, 600 W ( 8 out of 12 essay), and 530 M on the SAT. I scored 760 and 560 on Hebrew and US History SAT II's respectively. I will take another SAT II and retake the SAT again.I took AP US History my junior year. I will take AP Statistics, AP US Gov't, and AP Italian my senior year. i have a pretty full schedule for my senior year. To be honest, my coursework during my 1st two years has been too easy, but it has increased since my Junior year and will increase as I enter my Senior yearI have been working part/full time (it varies) under my mother since the beginning of my Freshman year (still working). I volunteered over the summers of 2007 and 2008 at a summer camp, but there is trouble in proving that I volunteered (very long story. unsure of what to do). I will volunteer close to home this fall as well I am a part of the Intel Science Research Program in the Behavioral Sciences since the end of my sophomore year until November of my senior year. I will join my school's chess club I started my College Now this spring, and I will continue until the end of my senior year. I assisted three teachers in my school at different periods of time and assisted in the school's library as well for a little bitI already received two recommendations (one from Forensics teacher, and another from my Business teacher) with a third (Intel program Coordinator) to come soon. May even request another one just to be sureInterests/hobbies include the electric guitar, cooking, jogging, soccer, and basketball (not in a soccer or basketball team since my school doesn't have an athletics program). I know 4 languages fluently (English, Hebrew, Italian, and Russian)I know my SAT is a bit lacking and for that reason, I'm studying this summer to improve it.So basically, are my chances good or bad?

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  1. terrorize says:

    BU is a safety school for someone with your credentials.

  2. Vaalpens says:

    You’re pretty much in… I say you have a 95 chance of getting in…. The only thing I’m a bit worried about is you SAT, it is quite low… Very low in fact… It will make your GPA look inflated and that you high school was very kind in giving marks… You should retake the SAT and if you get a better mark around the 2000… I would even apply for better universities… Your physical condition will definitely help you get into the BU… You didn’t take too many AP classes, so that’s a minus… (big one), if you can I suggest talking to your counselor and and adding two more AP courses…. With that if you can handle them and maintain your GPA, you can potentially compete with the elites for a spot at an IVY school…