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If Hitler was such a horrible man, how did he achieve the power he did?

I'm writing an essay for school and my thesis is, "If Hitler was such a horrible man, how did he achieve the power he did?" I am wondering what you think are the three most important reasons.

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  1. tomasina says:

    ill just make it shortHe won fair and square. Germans were angry after WWI the way how The Treaty of Versailles left Germans dying and starving in ruins. Hitler rebuilt Germany and everyone loved him. So in the end the majority agreed with Hitler and thought that another war was the answer.

  2. morphotropy says:

    One. Charisma. Hitler had an almost hypnotic effect on many(but not all) Germans. When he spoke, he made people WANT to believe him. And this was not a skill that Hitler was magically born with. Hitler practiced and rehearsed his speaches, to gain the most effect of them. Like a singer with natural talent, he nurtured and improved on his innate skills. Two. He offered people what they wanted. In an age of economic insecurity, he offered economic security. In the face of humiliating defeat, he offered both reasons why the Germans had unjustly lost the war, and promised to erase that humiliation. He had multiple messages for multiple targets. To anti-semites he offered to ‘deal” with the Jews. To businessmen he offered favorable laws and regulations in exchange for their support. For the common people he offered a bright future. Three. Hitler didn’t balk at intimidation and violence. Hitler had his SA, sturmabteilung, available as a private army. He used them as he thought needed. Attack Communist rallies? No problem. Vandalize jewish or anti-nazi businesses? Done. One of the things that distinguished “Nazi” violence from that of other extremist parties was the discipline behind it. Hitler, and the Nazis, did not tolerate its people going above or beyond what was ordered. They brought an almost military discipline to their use of violence as a political tactic. It was Hitler’s ability to curb the excesses of his own supporters that convinced many Germans that the Nazis really weren’t that bad.

  3. OPAL says:

    His handlers and Public Relations Men portrayed him as a wonderful human being.Plus Churchill used him and basically allied England with him to keep the Communists from taking over Europe.Hitler’s side men included Julius Strieker, a propagandist and owner of newspaperJosef Goebbels a nasty little barbaric man who hated everything.Heinrich Himmler, a former chicken farmer who wanted to wipe out Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, Slavs.Reinhard Heydrich, a vicious vain crazy polcemanThese guys spread the rumor of the great savior.The German people were so downtrodden anyone could have done it if they had tried.

  4. expatiater says:

    He was very charismatic and persuasive and he said things that appealed to his followers. By claiming that Jews could be blamed for all the ills of society, he gave the German people a scapegoat, a group of people who were easy to identify and pick on. This is something that has always been popular. People could be as beastly as they liked to the Jews, and not have to feel guilty about it, because jews were really evil people.Moreover, Hitler promised the Germans an end to their economic woes, he offered prosperity, power, and the chance to rule the world. And a great many people not surprisingly found this very attractive.There is no end to the wickedness of human nature, and if people are encouraged to do evil, they will do it eagerly. This is why I am a firm believer in the doctrine of Original Sin, because it is the only thing that explains adequately why human beings are the way they are.

  5. calpers says:

    The key is that he didn’t see himself as a horrible man. He, and the people he ruled, saw him as a good man and a hero. When people think they are doing the right thing, even if they’re wrong, there are few limits to what they can accomplish.

  6. nasseer says:

    Your question is naive. Lot of horrible men rise to supreme power: Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane. History is full of tales of tyrants and great butchers.

  7. flankwise says:

    Three reasons Hitler was able to gain power was his communication skills, his vision for Germany, and his political skills.Communication was a key skill used by Adolf Hitler in his rise to power and during his reign ruling the Third Reich. Hitler was able to rise through the ranks of power from starting as a soldier in the army in World War I. During his time in the Bavarian Regiment, Hitler always volunteered for the most dangerous missions, even after coming close to death many times. His regiment took huge casualties after their first engagement, leaving only five hundred of the three thousand soldiers unscathed. Hitler was of course one of the soldiers left unscathed. Also during the war, Hitler, unlike the other soldiers, did not complain about food or the other conditions of war. Hitler preferred to speak of art and history. He also painted landscapes in his free time. Hitler was known to be eager to prove himself to his superiors, because he was likable, able avoided injury, and brave. Hitler, however, was wounded in battle in 1916, and because of this wound, he spent some time in a military hospital. In this hospital, Hitler learned that many of the German population were against the war. He blamed the lack of care by the citizens towards the war on the Jews and the Bolshevists. Because of this, Hitler sometimes had laid in bed, then stood and shouted of the “invisible foes of the German people,” referring to these groups. In 1918, Hitler asked to be restored to the front line. In 1919, Hitler was still part of the army and became an informant, reporting soldiers who had been in support of Marxist uprisings. This led to the executions of these soldiers. During his time as an undercover agent, who investigated and removed Marxist influence organizations within the ranks, Hitler impressed his superiors with his speeches. “In August 1919, Hitler was given the job of lecturing returning German prisoners of war on the dangers of Communism and pacifism, as well as democracy and disobedience. He also delivered tirades against the Jews that were well received by the weary soldiers who were looking for someone to blame for all their misfortunes.” An army report called Hitler “a born orator.” Hitler found that his speeches were able to hold the attention of and sway the opinions of the audiences. As shown in this evidence, Hitler was able to connect with his audience and was also able to convince the audience that his opinion was the proper direction for Germany to follow. His communication skills showed his vision for the country, which will be analyzed later. Hitler was able to fit the persona he presented with his communication. He connected the misfortunes and hard times of Germany, following the loss of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles that embarrassed the Germany country, to each of the German citizens. He spoke to the common people of Germany, saying that the hard times felt by each citizen was common with all German citizens. He speeches also laid the groundwork for the German future, Hitler’s vision for Germany. Hitler was able to further his career in politics with his communication skills. He went to a meeting to investigate a German Workers’ Party. At this meeting, a man stood up and spoke of forming a new nation in South Germany with Austria. Hitler, angered by this, rounded on this man for fifteen, uninterrupted minutes. One of the founders of the German Workers’ Party was impressed by this and indoctrinated him into the group. Hitler was drawn to the group’s notions of nationalism, pro-militarism, and anti-Semitism. With this, Hitler joined the party and, thus, began his political career. The speeches of Hitler were said to be highly emotional and hysterical, at points. In 1920, Hitler was a featured speaker at German Workers’ Party mass meeting. The mass meeting even included two communist opposition members. In the middle of his speech, brawling began to occur, but by the end met his speech was met with applause. In his speech, Hitler laid out the Twenty Five Points of his party. This speech was a huge success for Hitler. Hitler was highly effective when speaking to large crowds, but the original members of the Nazi party viewed that Hitler was becoming an overbearing power. These original members formed an alliance against Hitler, which was followed by the resignation of Hitler. However, Hitler the members realized that if Hitler left the party, the party would effectively die. There was a vote for the leader of the party, of which Hitler won 543 to 1. Hitler was able to use his communication skills to gain power and support from the general citizens of Germany. His speeches were able to connect with the hard-pressed citizens of Germany and bring them together for a common cause.

  8. immovably says:

    Most of Hitler’s killings and atrocities occurred during the war, especially in the last three years of the war. By contrast, Stalin had been killing people during his whole 30 year career. Trotsky claimed that he even had a hand in killing their boss, Lenin. Report Abuse

  9. snakeneck says:

    Because he was extremely manipulative and made people think the way he thought was the right way.

  10. alcansf says:

    One of the reasons, and the people who were too busy telling you how great an orator Hitler was, and how unfair the post-war treaty was to the Germans forgot to tell you is, that Hitler and his henchmen put the leaders of the opposition parties (the SPD and the KDP) in concentration camps in 1933.Yes, in order to achieve power, Hitler and the Nazis imprisoned and murdered their political opponents. Does this make him a wonderful man?

  11. she says:

    because in the beginning, he really did have great ideas for the german people and they believed in what he said, however after he came into power it became clear that he had ulterior motives.

  12. bonhomies says:

    1. Germany was in a bad position. They would listen to anything2. Hitler offered scapegoats3. Hitler offered solutions.

  13. yawp says:

    He was a good orator and instilled fear of the communists and Jews into the German people. He had the Reichstag burned and told the people the communists had done it. The people gave up their liberties to him in order to receive his protection. It is a little like, or even a lot like, people are losing their civil liberties now because of the fear of terrorism being instilled into them.

  14. contrarious says:

    Because in the beginning he did it legally. In the 1920′s he tried to stage a coup in Bavaria and was arrested and spent a few years in prison. When he got out he went legit and ran for office like a respectable politician on a platform of restoring Germany’s proper place in the world. In 1932 the Nazi party gained a majority of seats in the german parliament and Hitler had Hindenburg, the ancient president appoint him chancellor. After that, he went about dismantling the democratic system until there was no more opposition.