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If you are an atheist, do you mind answering this question?

I am an Atheist myself. Recently I was assigned an argumentative essay for my english class. I took the topic to my professor as I thought it would be a great one, he very much agreed with me and allowed me to proceed to writing it. The following listed are what I'd like to know from Atheists all around the world and on here: -When did you abandon your faith? What did you experience during the change? What was your reaction?-What are your thoughts on a higher power? On God? On the concept of God creating the world from NOTHING?-Do you see religion as a threat to humanity? What is your stance on religious beliefs?-What is the relationship like between you (an atheist) and a religious individual of any sort?-Are you content with Atheism?-Your thoughts on the whole 'heaven and hell' thing.ETC.Please feel free to go beyond and tell me your story in a few paragraphs. I'd like to do as much research as possible as I see it pointless just to write from my perspective.Thanks!

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  1. felicitators says:

    well i think there is some greater power, a power greater than anything on earth. I jst dont think its the god that mainstream religions promote.religion has caued many probs for the earth.

  2. deked says:

    I am in between it. Still don’t know.I love the idea of a higher power, but there is no way to prove it. And believing something your whole life without knowing seems like wasted energy.I believe religion has caused most of the wars in our history because of certain religions unwilling to have others in their world.A thing that bothers me, is they say you won’t go to heaven if you don’t accept jesus into your life. BS, some kid in the middle of the jungle in south america may not know who jesus is, and might be the most wonderful person in the world and makes everyones life amazing. He should go to heaven.I cherish life more than someone of religion because they believe heaven will follow and it will get better.Not content at allI would love it if there was a heaven and hell

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  4. dina says:

    instead of typing out my perspective, i’ll share a few short stories i simply love. [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …i hope you enjoy them as i have

  5. McCurdy says:

    My thoughts on the whole heaven and hell thing is that people are much easier to control when they are told that if they don’t do what you say (like give 10% of their income to you every week) bad stuff will happen to them. On the flip side, people are much more likely to believe your fact-less story when they are poor and you tell them that there is a house made of gold floating on a cloud if they do what you say (like give 10% of their income every week).Religion is a threat to humanity because there are people who will walk into markets with suicide jackets and destroy themselves and everyone around them because someone told them that it’s what god wants them to do. If people believe in a magical Jewish carpenter that is going to save the world they are seen as good people. If people refuse to believe it because there is no evidence of it and it doesn’t make sense, they are seen as bad people who are evil.

  6. boatless says:

    Sounds like this assignment is a way for Christians to better themselves for spreading their sh*t. Its a trap!

  7. organizational says:

    I’ve always considered myself a sort of agnostic/atheist hybrid…I believe you can’t prove God doesn’t exist, but I feel like it’s more likely there isn’t a God. So hopefully my answers will still be able to help you out.-When did you abandon your faith? What did you experience during the change? What was your reaction?I’ve never been religious, just because it was how I was raised. Both of my parents have careers in science, and never took much of an interest in the more abstract concept of religion-What are your thoughts on a higher power? On God? On the concept of God creating the world from NOTHING?Like I said, if there is a higher power, there wouldn’t be any way to prove or disprove its existence. If there is a God, he’s a pretty crappy guy…I don’t see the reasoning behind creating a ton of innocent people then killing or harming them for no reason (let alone creating criminals). The world is obviously made of something, so it had to start with something. It didn’t just appear. There’s scientific evidence of its formation over a long period of time. -Do you see religion as a threat to humanity? What is your stance on religious beliefs?Religion causes a lot of disputes. Even politics trace back to religion (abortion laws, gay rights) and I firmly believe religion has no place deciding our laws. I hate the tension religion causes, and I often wish the idea didn’t exist- but it does have its benefits. Kids who are really religious often have a strong moral code, and learning how to be kind to other living creatures and respecting the people around you certainly isn’t a bad thing. Religion enforces these things.-What is the relationship like between you (an atheist) and a religious individual of any sort?I’d say about half of my friends are religious. As long as they don’t try to convert me or keep telling me I’m going to hell or whatever (some have…we’re not such great friends anymore :P ) then I’m cool with it. -Are you content with Atheism?I mean, I want there to be a God. It’s a nice idea. But I feel like agnosticism/atheism is a more realistic view of how things really are.-Your thoughts on the whole ‘heaven and hell’ thing.Well, if there is an afterlife, I guess I’ve got some apologizing to do :P We can’t really find out much about it until we get there. It’d be nice to have a heaven, but there probably isn’t one.

  8. organist says:

    ==1. I never abandoned faith because I had never joined it; I am and always have been an atheist. ==2. I think God was used to explain what we could not and now that we have explained those things, you would be stupid to believe them.==3. I think having blind faith truly shows the stupidity of humanity. If someone religious is willing to argue their beliefs with me I will happily enter debate with them.==4. My only friend is religious and he and I get along quite well. I have had to make some adaptations to fit in like learning grace as well as not using the lord’s name in vain but it isn’t too large of an adjustment.==5. While I do feel that Atheism is correct, it is saddening to think that death is the end.==6. I think it’s a tad stupid that, if there were a god, he would send you to hell for not being his cheerleader.==

  9. costicartilage says:

    Too lazy to think so just gonna answer your questions.-Abandoned my faith when I started learning more and thought about what I had learnt. Started thinking more about science and found no slight proof to existence of any religion what so ever. Experienced optimism and lost fear over horror movies. But I still do get terrified seeing live bodies dead. I was happy

  10. isoapiole says:

    I wouldn’t say I abandoned my faith. Rather, I just came to the realization I never had any, and I couldn’t be happier.All of the arguments for the existence of god fail. Religion is a threat to humanity, Islam specifically being the greatest. Religious beliefs are ridiculous and I cannot take anyone intellectually or philosophically serious who maintains such beliefs. Heaven and hell are the two concepts for which I probably have the most contempt. People telling people there’s something beyond this life pisses me off.

  11. thinkling says:

    1. I never had faith. I was raised an atheist by my atheist parents. I raised my kids the same way as I never saw a reason to lie to them.2. Stupid question. If I’m an atheist then by definition I don’t believe in a higher power.3. I do see religion as a threat to humanity. The 9/11 terrorists were religious fanatics. I think religious beliefs are idiotic.4. I have lots of friends who are believers. We don’t discuss religion.5. Perfectly content.6. Another stupid question. I don’t believe in that stuff.