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When did it “click”? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it happen?

When did it click? I've been trying to discover my major for a year or more now....and nothing clicks. How did you choose your major? Do you enjoy it? What jobs do you consider useless? What courses in the medical field are good for those who dislike people? Is all technology/engineering mechanical? It just sucks that I do well in all classes but none seem to click.I am currently attending a community college and have a high grade point average. I left a vocational school because my brain felt stilted, and dead. My teachers knew less than I did, and we taught ourselves. Something I could do at home. I was a graphic design major, and while I succeeded, it was not for me. I think most of it was the school. It was Baker College of Port Huron .. . . . and I am debating on returning. I enjoy my new school better, but have no idea what I wish to do. So the debate. I don't want to though, but I do want a career one day. I also don't want to be in school for four years, we have a hard time getting me there now. (I want to, I am just not ready, I have a hard time driving to a small school, and spending the night somewhere.) To my question, how did you find your career, or decide on a major? Good or bad? I have taken career tests many times. They contradict themselves. They say I am creative, and abstract, but also logical. One says I hate the other. One says I hate the creativity, the other that I love it. I have quite a few strengths, and am equally good at learning audibly, visually, and kinetically. I also don't want to make the wrong decision. I just want to hear what others have done, and how they've gotten there. I feel like an idiot, it stresses me out, it makes me cry. I don't want to come home every day and hate my job. I've seen what it did. Left my mother nearly dead, made my once happy sister a shell of her former self. All the stuff I am good at is useless (reading, papers (editing them especially), social studies, memorizing, logic and learning.) I enjoy learning about anything. For example, I might enjoy hearing about algebra, but not doing it. The only thing I enjoy in math is story problems. Science I had an A in AP, B in chemistry, A in biology, and never took physics. I enjoy science, but dislike when it's mostly math focused.. I may enjoy reading up on medicine, but not cutting others open. I enjoy learning facts. I would love to learn about scientific things, robots, plant breeding, etc. I just am not a fan of practical applications, I am awkward at best. When everyone else runs through museums I stop, read, and absorb. I am easily bored, and easily stressed. I know I don't want to be in the medical field. Stress is not my friend, and I believe that those it doesn't call to should not enter it. I'm also a bit clumsy, and prone to do many things at once. For example as I write this post, I am reading, watching television, and planning my essay. I don't know if I have some sort of issue that makes this decision hard, if I'm "strange" (everyone else seems to have it together), or if I just need time. - MATH - I am capable of doing it, and am sure (with a's and b's in it) that higher leveled stuff is no problem. I am just not a fan. I might do accountant but mathematician is a no. - MEDICAL - NO. I praise those that can, but that isn't for me. This economy has me scared. I want a degree that is viable, not a useless one. But I don't want to be miserable. HOW DID YOU DISCOVER YOUR CAREER? Any fun stories, or chance meetings? Do you have any suggestions for a very lost, depressed, sometimes useless, college student?- No military. I am a pacifist and diplomat at heart, and would not get past physical examination. My body is an enemy. - Creative / Investigative / Conventional - According to personality tests, if that helps at all.

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    Well, from what I’ve read here, I think the best career for you would be in the military.Maybe the on the field of medicine too. You would probably become one of the bestsoldiers or doctors out there. Good luck!