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How do I write an essay about the main character of a book?

I read A Prayer for Owen Meany and I wrote about the main characters but I got an F on my essay. In each paragraph I talked about a different character but he didn't want that. My professor told me to write about one character and he said to be a "psychologist" when writing about the character. How do I do this? I will write about either the character Owen Meany or John Wheelwright. It has to be 4 to 6 pages. What would I write about one character? I have no idea where to start or what to write about. I need a thesis also but I don't know how to write that. PLEASE any HELP would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. prong says:

    You could write something like this:Owen MeanyOwen Meany is John Wheelwright’s closest friend from boyhood. Owen is tiny, never growing taller than five feet, and he speaks in a high, nasal voice that never changes. His family is descended from Boston Irish, and Owen’s father owns a granite quarry in Gravesend. When he is a teenager, Owen learns to work with granite like an expert. Owen is highly intelligent and has a charismatic presence that is hard to ignore. Even as a child, he seems able to take charge in any situation, and he ends up as the star of both the Christmas pageant and the play A Christmas Carol. Owen also has an unshakable belief in God. He is certain that everything happens for a purpose. He believes he is God’s instrument, and he also has foreknowledge of his own death. From a psychological point of view, this makes him insane, suffering from a delusion of grandeur.Unlike his friend John, Owen excels at Gravesend Academy, where he is known as the Voice because of the forceful and influential opinions he expresses as editor of the school paper. He wins scholarships to Harvard and Yale, but complications result when he is expelled from the academy for forging ID cards and selling them to students. He eventually accepts a scholarship from the U.S. Army and ends up going to the University of New Hampshire with his friend John. Owen is disillusioned about the American government after he learns that his hero John F. Kennedy is not the moral paragon Owen believed him to be. Owen can see many of the dangers inherent in the Vietnam War from an early stage, but he still fervently wants to go there because he believes that his destiny is to die in the act of saving many Vietnamese children as was foretold to him in a dream. The dream does come true, although the Vietnamese children Owen saves are refugees who happen to arrive at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona, while Owen is performing his duties as an army lieutenant, waiting to escort the body of a dead U.S. soldier. By his selfless act of saving the children, who are the intended victims of a grenade thrown by Dick Jarvits, Owen dies a hero’s death. His death has lasting effects on John and on Hester Eastman, with whom Owen had a long and sometimes stormy relationships.

  2. joyant says:

    try to understand character and write what he might think or do…