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Mitosis in an animal cell?

Hi i have an bilogy essay in which i have to write a brief account of mitosis in an animal cell, its worth 9 marks so has to contain sum detial, can someone please help me in this! Thanks

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  1. cressed says:

    Check here: [external link] believe it will help you.Good luck with ur essay.

  2. Combretaceae says:

    I’m not gonna write your essay for you but here’s some bullet points there are five stages of mitosis1. Interphase – in this stage the cell grows and the DNA duplicates2. Prophase – the nuclear envelope disappears and the chromosomes condense and become visible3. Metaphase – the chromosomes line up in the middle and attach to the spindle fibres by their centremeres 4. Anaphase – the chromosomes divide and are pulled to opposite poles of the cell when the spindle fibres shorten5. Telephase – the cell divides and two daughter cells are formed