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Three reasons why Odysseus is not a hero?

I have a hero essay and I needed a little help, I have three reasons for why he is not a hero:-arrogant-vengefulness-unloyalness (also how would i say that to sound correctly?)I am having trouble on how he is unloyal because I have one example but it is really short so I need another one... I already talked about how he slept in Circe's bed for a year, but what is another example? Could you also tell me what chapter it's in?

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  1. ogival says:

    Odysseus lies to Polyphemus, when he tells the Cyclops that his name is ‘otis’ (‘nobody’ in Ionic Greek). That is: Odysseus doesn’t exactly lie (Odysseus says that his mother called him ‘otis’ – Odysseus’ mother Anticleia was a country girl, she might well have shortened his name to ‘otis’ to make it easier to say) – but Odysseus tells Polyphemus something that he knows Polyphemus will misunderstand.Some people think cheating is unheroic. Some people think that a true hero will always tell the truth (even if that gets him and all his men killed).Polyphemus is in Book 9…..In Book 2 when Telemachus visits Sparta, Helen (who has now come home to her husband Menelaus) tells a story about how Odysseus once dressed up in rags and covered himself in ashes so that he could get into Troy and spy on its defences. Spying again is something people don’t associate with a hero. This is especially the case when you consider that Helen says she recognized Odysseus, but Odysseus persuaded her not to denounce him to the Trojans.Odysseus never uses his fists when his brain will do. He is the polar opposite of Ajax, who is big and brave and stupid and what we normally think of as a hero…..unloyalness is usually spelled disloyalty…..Odysseus sleeps with both Circe and Calypso – he probably had no real choice with Calypso, but in Circe’s case it looks as if it way by choice.But then, most of the other warriors at Troy took lovers from their captives (Agamemnon took Chryseis and later Cassandra, Achilles took Briseis and Polyxenia), there is no special name associated with Odysseus.When Odysseus first returns to Ithaca he pretends to Penelope that he is not her husband. In fact when Eurycleia recognizes him, he threatens to kill her if she reveals his identity. You can read his motivation in various ways, but if you need to make it out as cruelty …Odysseus also hangs Penelope’s servant-girls. We don’t normally associate heroism with killing young women.