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What was life like in 1912?

in english we are doing the play,'An Inspector Calls ', and as home work we have to find out what life was like in 1912. i have no idea what it was like. any help?

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    black & white

  2. thecell says:

    The reason why that is set as your homework is because when you write your essay you need to talk about dramatic irony (when the audience knows something the characters dont). Think back…- At the start of the play Birling mentions the Titanic “-the Titanic…New York in five days-and every luxury- and unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable.” …It did sink ;) - He also mentions the First World War. He goes on about the Kaiser and the Germans and everyone “not wanting war”. He finally concludes, “And I say there isn’t a chance of war”. Of course war broke out.Sooo, the play was only perfomed in 1945, therefore the characters of 1912 know nothing of these events, whereas the audience has the knowledge. Your teacher is trying to get you to recognise the fact that none of the things mentioned in the play have happened as we know them to have happened.Hope I helped :)