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To what extent should contemporary society respond to the legacies of historical globalization?

So I have to do this essay for my grade 10-1 social class and well I think I'm going to take sides with the first nations because there is a lot I can work with. So far my only points are:- We destoyed their culture and pushed our belifes on them.- No, we should not give them money for what our ansesters did, but we can help them with schooling and things like that.Don't know what else to do and could you please sugest more supporting points?

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  1. erutsap says:

    you are talking about colonization, not globalization. the pro-west points that you can make are:- we brought them medicine and technology, so their quality of life today is way higher that it was when we found them, and what it would have been if we left them alone- Cruelty to “natives” was not much worse than cruelty of Europeans to each other (Inquisition, French revolution)- Just giving money would only make things worse b/c it will get them hooked on hand-outs and prevent them from developing an economy of their own. You can also (very respectfully) say how US is abandoning affirmative action programs.- Spreading education and technology and responsible attitude to political and business is something that might indeed benefit them.

  2. fulminatory says:

    survival of the fittest. To drive home point on your second point think of it like this: If every single nation and culture wanted some sort of retribution from past “manifest Destinyy’s” and the such WE ALL would be marching on some capital steps demanding our 40 acres and a mule…get what i’m saying. And that’s include the big powers of today. All of Europe would be marching on Rome’s(Empire of Rome, WWI & II and Holy Roman Catholic Church), France’s(Nepolian) and Germany’s(WWI & II) steps. Not to mention the Arabs would be marching of most of Europe’s steps for the Crusades…lets see…oh how about all the terrorities that Alexander the Great conquered…how about Hannibal oh and don’t for the Ghangis Khan…the Russians and all the X-USSR states (hell if you want to study about a ppl being enslaved and just wrongly done over by it’s leaders read about the Russian history….slavic mean slave in Rus…The first time in history (and that’s present) that the Russian ppl have NOT been slaves…seriously). China has for the most part kept to itself…but it did try to conquere Japan WAY back in the day, but failed. Not to mention all the internall fitting of tribes for centuries upon centuries in Africa…they have been enslaving and slaughtering each since Biblical times. Here’s a point you can make also. Look at the Middle East. See how much they are fighting amongst themselves. Well, they have been fighting since time that Moses left Egypt to conquere the Kanaites lands (Isreal). they have not left by-gones be by-gones. Seriously…the fighting that American and the Crusaders involved themselves in has been a 5,000 year old war. If we all didn’t let things go and let the past be the past and move on the whole world would be at war. LOL go to British Isles…the Scots still hate the English and Irish still hate the English for what their forefathers did to their great-great-great-grandfathers and mothers.We have to learn, as a world, to not allow our ancestorial hatred affect who we are today. There is no more land to conquere…we must now start to get along else we will blow ourselves up. The earth will survive…just w/o humans.